Kaitlyn McCarthy

State Senate: District 6 | NH Cannabis Party

Kaitlyn’s position on the issues:

Reproductive healthcare access.

The government has no business legislating restrictions on access to medical procedures, medications, or medical care of any kind. Regardless of how anyone feels individually about abortion it’s undeniable that the overturn a roe v Wade has led to widespread collateral damage.

No person should sit in an emergency room during a miscarriage waiting for care while their doctor gets permission from the hospital lawyers. No person should wait so long for treatment of an ectopic pregnancy that it ruptures filling their abdomen with blood. No one should have a pharmacist refuse to fill their birth control prescription. No one should be faced with questions about their facility for their needed medication for chronic illness because of potential harm to a non-existent fetus. No one should have a pharmacy cashier refuse to sell them condoms. Yet all of these have happened in these last weeks and months because healthcare providers are scared of consequences and others are emboldened. 

No person should have to endure listening to their sitting legislators openly arguing about medical or anatomical impossibilities That will lead to the deaths of real living people.

Before you clutch your pearls my plan for reproductive health care may seem radical in the surface but setting aside partisan games it is the most effective way to reduce abortions. I support the complete deregulation of abortion, paired with comprehensive age-appropriate sex education Pre-K through 12 and access to affordable contraception and STI testing.

We know that in places where access to abortion is most restrictive or totally banned abortion rates are higher than in places where it can be accessed easily. We know that age appropriate comprehensive sex education delays the onset of sexual activity, leads to safer choices when the individual becomes sexually active, and leads to fewer instances of sexual assault and rape. We know that access to affordable contraception particularly when paired with comprehensive education reduces the incidents of unwanted pregnancies. I would like to see a New Hampshire where the only pregnancies are those that are wanted, and intentional and where should those pregnancies result in a tragic outcome such as a complication that risks the life of the mother or a fetal anomaly that is not compatible with life the barriers to access the care needed to end that pregnancy would be minimal or non-existent. The only abortions that occur in the third trimester are the results of wanted pregnancies with tragic outcomes and those families deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, and privacy as they grieve their wanted child.

Gun rights

I have absolutely no intention of taking anyone’s guns away.

The topic of mental health is frequently paired with the topic of gun violence let’s break that down.

One in four Americans over the age of 18 have a diagnosable mental illness. The incidents of violence is similar between people who are and people who are not mentally ill. Gun violence that is related to mental illness comes down to harm to one’s self and harm to others.

Firearms suicide is a mental health issue not a gun rights issue. Instances where someone who is mentally ill harms another with a gun typically have more to do with that person’s access to a gun while in active crisis than any intentional plan to harm someone.

Hate crimes and domestic violence are often laid at the feet of mental illness when they involve a gun, neither of these are correlated with mental illness.

According to the San Diego-based Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention, a woman who has suffers a nonfatal strangulation incident with her intimate partner is 750% more likely to be killed by the same person with a gun.


The price of housing is egregious, not only the cost to purchase a home but also the cost of rent nowadays. There’s not going to be a quick fix solution for this issue but a combination of smaller measures little aid in easing the housing crisis.

Waiting periods

The introduction of waiting periods prior to an investor being allowed to bid on a single family home, or duplex maybe to market and/or the introduction of waiting periods before closing is allowed if an investor is the highest bidder on single family homes and duplexes.

The credit system

There are already landlords that voluntarily report your payments to the credit bureaus which helps build your credit, making this mandatory would make credit systems more equitable currently evictions show up on your credit but years of the on-time payments do not.

Primary residence assistance programs

Expanding those programs that already exist within the state, introducing new programs that address gaps . Removing barriers in accessing these programs. Increasing public awareness of the programs that are available to them.

Tax incentives and disincentives for landlords

Incentivizing the purchase of larger multifamily buildings and apartment complexes while disincentivizing the purchase of single-family homes and duplexes will create a natural shift within the investment strategies of real estate investor communities.

Restricting build to rent developments

Introducing barriers that disincentivize the development of single family home communities that are intended as investor owned rental communities rather than communities of homeowners.

Incentivizing the rehabilitation of non-financeable properties for sale as primary residences and disincentivizing cosmetic fix and flips.

NH Taxes

I value living in tax-free New Hampshire and I Would hate to see an introduction of sales tax or income tax in the Granite State. Ensuring that New Hampshire has sufficient revenue to effectively run, maintain infrastructure, service the needs of its people, and keep the lights on is a necessary part of governance. I have no intention of introducing any sort of income or sales tax in New Hampshire but It is just as irresponsible to slash spending wantonly as it is to bleed revenue from our homeowners. 

The legalization of recreational cannabis will generate significant revenue for the state that can be allocated towards programs best suited to the needs of the New Hampshire people starting education budgets. 


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