Yesterday, New Hampshire Gubernatorial Candidate Dr. Tom Sherman traveled to a cannabis cultivation facility in Milford, Massachusetts yesterday to discuss how legalization of adult-use cannabis has impacted the state economically. New Hampshire is the only state in the region that has not legalized adult-use cannabis. 

Dr. Sherman was joined by Massachusetts State Representative Chynah Tyler to discuss how legislation she helped lead strengthened workforce, communities, and the economy. By taking lessons from states that have already legalized adult-use cannabis, New Hampshire can set up a safe and effective program.

“The vast majority of Granite Staters support legalizing adult-use cannabis,” said Dr. Tom Sherman. “I toured a cultivation facility to discuss how legalization could strengthen our workforce, our communities, and our economy. It’s time to stop outsourcing revenue to all of our surrounding states and finally legalize adult-use cannabis.”

About Dr. Tom Sherman:

Dr. Tom Sherman is the Democratic nominee for governor in New Hampshire. He has dedicated his career to public service – from working as an EMT, to serving patients for more than 30 years, to serving New Hampshire constituents in the House and Senate for the past decade. Dr. Sherman has crossed the aisle to help expand healthcare to 50,000 Granite Staters, lower prescription drug costs, protect our first responders and our drinking water from harmful chemicals, and pass Buy American provisions protecting New Hampshire’s steel fabricators. As governor, he is committed to getting New Hampshire back on track and addressing the issues like the rising cost of housing and energy, protecting our public schools, and codifying the right to choose. Learn more about Dr. Sherman at