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Common Sense Cannabis Legalization

Contrary to conventional wisdom, cannabis legalization and commerce represents much more than just a few extra jobs and tax revenue. Rather, it offers a generational opportunity for comprehensive, multi-pronged prosperity and progress for all New Hampshire citizens.

What The NH Cannabis Party Stands For


Many states throughout New England and around the nation have legalized cannabis for both adult and medical use. By learning from states that went before us, we have an opportunity to learn from the success or failure of others. 

Through unique and thoughtful leadership, we can demonstrate to the nation what responsible, common sense cannabis reform looks like.

Showcasing our commitment to create equal opportunity for all of our citizens, we will lead by example, reinforcing and validating our 1st in the nation reputation.


Responsible home growing permitted for personal adult and prescribed medical use with common sense regulation.


Cannabis legalization is inevitable, coming to NH sooner or later. 

Many stakeholders have legitimate concerns that have not been properly addressed in other states’ cannabis programs such as labeling, edibles, law enforcement and employer testing, employee protection, gun rights and effectively restricting juvenile access.

We have a unique opportunity and obligation to respect and adequately address current opponents’ reasonable issues in crafting a truly ground-breaking and successful program for all Granite Staters.


Via private and public partnerships, we can incentivize innovation and expansion of medical and pharmaceutical research leading to new technologies, including the development of an effective sobriety test for law enforcement and employers, aimed at positioning NH as a national leader in these new industries. 

This investment in our communities will encourage our talented young people to build their careers and families here in NH.

Relaxation of arbitrary hemp standards to relieve unnecessary crop destruction.


Equal and fair apportionment of operator licenses to benefit all New Hampshire citizens and businesses

Assist all NH entrepreneurs with training, internship, education, finance, real estate, and expert guidance to enhance their success

Encouragement and incentives to transition current unregulated operators to the legal, regulated market, including sensible taxation.


Thoughtful cannabis taxation can relieve any need for at least a generation to institute a statewide sales or income tax. Upon enactment of legalizing legislation, candidates for statewide office could commit to forbearance of new broad based taxes for at least a decade.

Tax revenues from a legal, regulated market can also be targeted to reduce the property tax burden on all our citizens and promote equity in school budgets across communities.

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